The Costs Of Renting A Tour Bus For Your Band

Are you focused on becoming a music star? If you are, it means that you’ll have to hit the road often. Touring can be expensive, especially if you don’t get it right in your planning. If you ask most musicians who have traveled around the globe to promote their brand, they will tell you how exciting the experience is. Nevertheless, a majority of them will warn you against getting into debts when the tour is over. A successful band tour calls for effective planning for the expenditure. You have to calculate your expenses beforehand and see what you can remove to bring down the costs. Air traveling can be expensive, and thus you may find it cheaper to hire a rental bus for your band. Renting a tour bus gives you and your band members the freedom to carry and prepare your own meal when doing the travel.

tour bus

Considering that not all venues for your band will be located near luxurious hotels, you’ll find it necessary to sleep in your rental bus. If you are planning for a long travel, then a sleeper luxurious rental bus will serve the purpose. A sleeper tour bus is a flexible way of transporting your band to music events. Most sleeper buses for rentals are comfortable and entertainment-rich. The luxury coach provides rental accommodation for 8 to 12 band members. The buses are specifically built for long travels. They feature restrooms, entertainment amenities, and air conditioning and often a kitchenette. Since most music tours take days, the comfort of your crew is always prioritized. Having this in mind, it’s obvious that the costs behind renting a tour bus for a band depend on the level of comfort and the time frame of the tour.

Time as a Cost Determinant

Most sleeper rental tour buses for bands will require you to hire them for a minimum of four hours. If you are planning for a short travel, then you should go for the tour bus that will take you around within the specified time. However, if you are planning a full-month band tour, then you should go for a long-term lease. The coaches are valuable in fixed and variable rates. As the costs of hiring the tour buses are dependent on the season, it’s wise to hire the coach when music groups and other crews are making fewer travels so as to get a favorable price.

Comfort as a Cost Determinant

If you’ve decided on taking the sleeper rental bus, then you are guaranteed all the comfort that a tour bus can offer. This includes features, such as satellite TV, Wi-Fi, lounge seats, sofas, closets, divider doors, composting toilets, and electrical outlets. The electrical outlets allow you to plug in electric appliances such as the coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave, and DVD player. Basically, you get all the provisions that are available in a luxurious home or hotel.

Other Cost Determinants

One other important thing that determines the costs behind renting a tour bus for a band is the size of the group. The size of your band will determine the size of the tour bus to hire and the overall cost incurred. Usually, a bigger band translates to a bigger tour bus, and this is often costlier. Not only will you require more passenger spaces but you will also need extra room to transport the band gears and the luggage for each band member. So, if your band is voluminous, you have to prepare to spend more on the tour bus. Additional cost determinants include:

Gasoline: The cost of fuel has a lot to say about how much you’ll spend on the tour. A long travel means that you’ll require more gasoline and thus a higher cost.

Parking costs: It’s also important to budget for the parking before you hire the tour bus. If your promoters can cater for the parking fee, then the overall cost of the tour will be cheaper.

If your band is planning to have some fun and sleep on the bus, then you should go for a sleeper luxurious bus. It’s a cheaper option, and thus convenient for your tour. Next time you want to go for a music tour with your band, cut down the travel costs by renting a tour bus.

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