Facebook Band Promotion

Recently I came across a blog post that talks about using Facebook as a marketing tool for your band.  I agree with some of what the blog post says, but there are also some things that they mention that didn’t …

Getting Your Website Visitors To Keep Coming Back

When you are using you band’s website to promote your music you should always be thinking of ways to get your visitors to keep coming back.  Here’s the problem with this though — how do you know what attracts each …

You Fans Deserve A Members Only Section!

You Fans Deserve A Members Only Section!

Sorry for the delay in posting. I’m going to try to get at least one post a week done but sometimes life interfers.

Okay, so you have your site up and running, been posting music to your fans and you …

Other Methods Bands Can Make Money

Other Methods Bands Can Make Money

For a lot of bands there are only a few sources of income from their music:

– CD sales.

– Merchandise such as t-shirts, posters, etc.

– Playing live shows.

However, with a little creativity and effort you can bring …

Using Google To Promote Your Band

Using Google To Promote Your Band

Note: this is a very high level guide — this write up is basically meant to just get you started and give you an idea on what can be done. I could get into a lot more detail on the …

Artists Redefined Our Current Digital Painting Schema

Art has no definition, no discrimination, no hate, and no limitation. Not everyone can be labelled an artist, as a true artist is someone who enables you to feel and express through his/her piece. Abstract, expressionism, impressionism, realism, and surrealism …