Other Methods Bands Can Make Money

For a lot of bands there are only a few sources of income from their music:

– CD sales.

– Merchandise such as t-shirts, posters, etc.

– Playing live shows.

However, with a little creativity and effort you can bring a lot more cash in just by making some changes to your website! The key here is to change your way of thinking on how a band makes money — it can be a lot more than these few things! There are a number of ways to increase your band earnings:

Let’s look at one way (there will be more in future posts) — Sell advertising instead of CD’s!

How many bands do you know of that have recorded a CD, got a bunch of copies pressed and then went out there to sell them? Now, how many of those bands sold all their CD’s and have none left over? Probably not too many. I know I’ve got quite a number of CD’s sitting in a closet from bands that I have been in that never sold. Kind of a waste of money in the end to have all those CD’s collecting dust now that the bands are no more.

This day and age mostly everyone online is downloading music. Instead of recording a CD, use your website to release your music for free in a downloadable format like MP3’s. Yes, I am saying FREE — you’ll make the money in other ways as you’ll see! Every month or so, add a new song to your site — I would say that a blog site would work best for this because you could also use the blog to keep your fans updated on band news as well. Keeping them up to date and supplying them with new songs to download and listen to will keep them coming back. This gives you something very valuable — website traffic.

So, say you do this for a year or so and you released 12 songs, one a month, over the year. This is the same as spending a year holed up in your studio writing and recording a CD except that you’ve also built up quite a following online over the year too, especially if you also used the methods described in the previous post! All this website traffic is worth something to advertisers.

Now you have a site that you are updating regularily with fresh written and audio content and it has built up a lot of regular traffic. Now you can sell links off your site from other sites. Say you sell 20 links off your site for $20 per month. There’s $400 per month of steady passive income you didn’t have before! In future posts, I will give you places online where you can find people who are interested in purchasing links.

Now, a lot of people will say, “I can make a hell of a lot more selling CD’s!” Well, there are plently more ways to make more money with your band’s site — we are not done yet! LOL! So stay tuned for more information on how your band can build up a website and then monetize it to buy some crazy gear or whatever else you need for your band!

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