Getting Your Website Visitors To Keep Coming Back

When you are using you band’s website to promote your music you should always be thinking of ways to get your visitors to keep coming back.  Here’s the problem with this though — how do you know what attracts each visitor to come back to your site?

The problem is, it could be different reasons for different people.  One person might like a specific video you have o your band playing out at a show, another might just like looking at your pictures, the list goes on.  It’s pretty much impossible to suit everyone’s needs in this aspect.

This is where your website stats comes in.  I’m not going to get into how to read and analyse your stats because there are so many stat packages out there, but I will say that you can use any of them to check out which pages are being looked at the most.  From there all you have to do is cater to the ones with the most traffic.  So, if your photo gallery pages are getting the majority of the traffic, add more pictures and update that section more!

Sure, you might not be making everyone happy but you are at least making the majority of your visitors happy.

Another excellent way to bring your visitors back is to encourage participation.  Add a forum to your site to discuss your music.  Add your lyrics. If you are using a blog for your band’s site, make sure they can comment on your posts.

When you take a little time and think about who is visiting your site and checking out your music, you will find that you can gain a lot of knowledge about your visitors and cater to make them happy.  If they are happy….they will make you happy too!

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