Facebook Band Promotion Part 2

Have you set up your Facebook Flyers yet?I mentioned in the last post that I would be continuing on with this topic. Well, there are a few other things in Facebook that you can use to promote your band.

Groups — Every band that has members in Facebook should defintely have a group set up for their band. A Facebook group is basically just a page in Facebook that allows people to join up for. It also features a place to share pictures, discuss and post messages about your band. One of the greatest benefits to having a group and getting a lot of members in that group is that you will have a link to your group from every members profile. The more members you have the more links to your group will be out there. It’s kind of an exponential thing because as you gain more members, more follow because they are seeing the group’s link on their friend’s profiles.

Applications — This one is not so obvious but can also be a great tool, however, it does need a geeky member of the band to be able to pull off because you’ll need to know how to code the app. If you are willing to learn how to code it though, it’s not too hard — I taught myself in a weekend to do a simple app. You don’t really need anything too fancy either. For example, you can have apps that will play one of your songs, syndicate your band’s blog (does your band have a blog? It should!), whatever. You’ll need to get a little creative here but just remember that once you launch it there is the potential for it to go out to tons of people because people love to send their friends new apps that they think are cool.

Events – Events allow you to post an event and then send out invitations to all your friends. This is great if you are working on promoting a show because you can send out the invite and then it gets spread virally to your friend’s friends. Every show you have should be promoted with one of these.

Now if you’ll notice, there is a trend with all three of these things — it’s called viral marketing. You put something out there and send it to your friends, then they send it to their friends and so on and so on. You’ll have more fans fater that you can blink if you do it right!

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