Differences Between Overdrive and Distortion

Distortion and also the best overdrive pedal are both often referred to as gain pedals, or maybe dirt or problem pedals. These types of pedals add extra grit to your guitar tone, and also while doing so they can also boost the volume a bit, if so called for. Whether it’s called gain, filth or grit – the suggestion is the same. There is an additional sort of gain pedal that should be pointed out right here also – the fuzz pedal, as it additionally comes from this family members of pedals. Nonetheless, I’m leaving fuzz pedals from the conversation for the remainder of this write-up.

Depending upon that you ask, you might obtain a little difference solution to this inquiry regarding the difference in between distortion and also overdrive. I locate it is tough to explain in words the distinction in between the two.

If you still insist on a description, I would certainly say think about Distortion as a firm, edgy type of sandy noise with a lot of sustain. It is the basic noise of the timeless rock bands along with heavy rock bands right to metal bands. Several guitar amps can develop a fat, abundant distortion on their own, and after that a distortion pedal is typically not needed. However, there are also several amps that do not produce much distortion, so adding a distortion pedal could then offer a player a bunch of adaptability by transforming the clean sound to a fat shaking tone.

Overdrive, to my ears, has a much more hollow noise, normally less sustain as well as a so much more “bluesy” sound. There are lots of overdrive pedals available, yet the one with one of the most popularity attached to it would possibly be television Error, by Ibanez. There are nowadays several business making tube error sort of pedals. Stevie Ray Vaughan utilized Tube Screamers throughout his career, and also partially as a result of the big impact he continues to carry many individuals, you frequently find a Tube Error of some variant or an additional on most guitarist’ pedalboards.

The distinction in noise between distortion pedals as well as overdrive pedals could sometimes be quite refined. I find I could establish my distortion pedals to seem quite like an overdrive pedal, by rejecting the gain a bit, while likewise turning back the tone handle somewhat. Transforming those handles in the contrary direction nevertheless, would produce a much more typical high gain distortion sound on many distortion pedals.

Obtaining an overdrive pedal to sound like a distortion pedal is more challenging though. I find they appear optimal on medium gain setups with a clean or semi-clean amp. Again, have a listen to virtually any kind of bluesier or rockier Stevie Ray Vaughan track, and you can frequently hear exactly how he begins a Tubescreamer when he takes a solo. The tone obtains louder, and modifications from semi-clean to rich, filthy and also abrasive.

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