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Discovering Your Inner Genre

Discovering Your Inner Genre

Formation of bands usually doesn’t come from drawing straws or accidental occurrence; most recent bands have roots tying each other together while others have auditioned or placed advertisements in popular places. When complete togetherness has been achieved, it’s time for selecting what genre you’ll attempt to dominate. Selecting your preferred method of sound presentation should come from predefined factors, mainly revolving around skill and background faves. Here’s more information to help newer bands come into their own across whatever genre their heart’s desire.

Family Background

Not necessarily the larger available reasons to choose a genre, but family background does play somewhat profoundly when choosing what type of musical sound you’ll provide the masses. Sometimes strange occurrences, your parents Janis Joplin collection or paranormal activities that happened with your family could change your mind about your musical interests. Perhaps parents will imbue their musical lore into your decision making process, yet never make someone else’s thoughts, opinions or beliefs your band’s composing precedence.

Collaborative Ideas

If your band has been together for several long years, perhaps decisions have been processed in terms of what you’d prefer recording. Perhaps mainstream sounds in various genres could become mixtures of sound uniquely blended to characteristics of band members, personal vendettas or triumphs. Adele happened to use her ex-boyfriend to inspire her mainstream hit; perhaps taking past situations, collecting various sounds then choosing your preferred genre from there would be your best bet. Remember, unless you’re Aldo Nova, there’s more than 1 person whose decision is necessary in a band.

Natural Selection

Sometimes record companies naturally place your musical numbers into ‘x’ category which automatically places your sounds amongst other greats. This order of ‘natural selection’ isn’t entirely uncommon, yet shouldn’t be your band’s introductory category unless you’ve agreed, even inside your contract, that you’ll record under the chosen genre. Ubiquitous musical performances could sometimes determine one’s proper fit, although performances are generally meant for fan harvesting. Nonetheless, natural selection is definitely plausible when discussing the prudent genre for your band.

Kids Need Inspiration

Teenagers of latest generations are seeming to grow up faster and faster. Relationships, pregnancies, and maturity levels are skyrocketing past parental control. Keeping kids young and out of trouble is a very vital key to having successful adults in our world and making something out of them. What happens in their schools while growing up as a teenager might be one the most reflective time of their entire existences on Earth.

Bearing in mind today’s problems, debacles and other major ‘coming of age’ problems faced in high school and college, perhaps choosing your genre based off what kids may need to positively influence their decisions would be another perfection your band could introduce. Whichever direction bands head, making sure the music is conducive to their lives, beliefs and what problems society faces would be tremendous.

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Facebook Band Promotion Part 2

Facebook Band Promotion Part 2

Have you set up your Facebook Flyers yet?I mentioned in the last post that I would be continuing on with this topic. Well, there are a few other things in Facebook that you can use to promote your band.

Groups — Every band that has members in Facebook should defintely have a group set up for their band. A Facebook group is basically just a page in Facebook that allows people to join up for. It also features a place to share pictures, discuss and post messages about your band. One of the greatest benefits to having a group and getting a lot of members in that group is that you will have a link to your group from every members profile. The more members you have the more links to your group will be out there. It’s kind of an exponential thing because as you gain more members, more follow because they are seeing the group’s link on their friend’s profiles.

Applications — This one is not so obvious but can also be a great tool, however, it does need a geeky member of the band to be able to pull off because you’ll need to know how to code the app. If you are willing to learn how to code it though, it’s not too hard — I taught myself in a weekend to do a simple app. You don’t really need anything too fancy either. For example, you can have apps that will play one of your songs, syndicate your band’s blog (does your band have a blog? It should!), whatever. You’ll need to get a little creative here but just remember that once you launch it there is the potential for it to go out to tons of people because people love to send their friends new apps that they think are cool.

Events – Events allow you to post an event and then send out invitations to all your friends. This is great if you are working on promoting a show because you can send out the invite and then it gets spread virally to your friend’s friends. Every show you have should be promoted with one of these.

Now if you’ll notice, there is a trend with all three of these things — it’s called viral marketing. You put something out there and send it to your friends, then they send it to their friends and so on and so on. You’ll have more fans fater that you can blink if you do it right!

Facebook Band Promotion

Recently I came across a blog post that talks about using Facebook as a marketing tool for your band.  I agree with some of what the blog post says, but there are also some things that they mention that didn’t work.  The thing is, I believe that with a bit more creativity, Facebook works very well.

If you read the post, you’ll notice something about the band sending out 30,000 flyers and that these didn’t get much for results.  My guess, and this is only a guess so I could be wrong, is that they choose the wrong type of flyer.  These 30,000 flyers could have been seen by anyone on Facebook — especially people who are not interested.

Not sure what I am talking about?  Facebook has a cool and very affordable application called Facebook Flyers.  This allows you to put advertisements on the sidebar of people’s profiles — this can result in HUGE traffic for a relatively cheap price.  Now, the main important thing to note is that there are two types of Facebook flyers (regular and Pro).  Always pick Pro!  Flyers Pro allows you to pick which profiles your ad will appear on.  For example, you can target profiles of only certain ages and are interested in certain thing.  So, if you are in a psychobilly emo hardcore goth band, you can only target people who are into that music.  And if you are promoting a show in New York, you can only target the people in New York that are into that type of music.  It is extremely powerful and can get you extremely targetted traffic to your site.  Targetted traffic is key here.

Tune into my next post and I’ll get more into Facebook band promotion….

Getting Your Website Visitors To Keep Coming Back

When you are using you band’s website to promote your music you should always be thinking of ways to get your visitors to keep coming back.  Here’s the problem with this though — how do you know what attracts each visitor to come back to your site?

The problem is, it could be different reasons for different people.  One person might like a specific video you have o your band playing out at a show, another might just like looking at your pictures, the list goes on.  It’s pretty much impossible to suit everyone’s needs in this aspect.

This is where your website stats comes in.  I’m not going to get into how to read and analyse your stats because there are so many stat packages out there, but I will say that you can use any of them to check out which pages are being looked at the most.  From there all you have to do is cater to the ones with the most traffic.  So, if your photo gallery pages are getting the majority of the traffic, add more pictures and update that section more!

Sure, you might not be making everyone happy but you are at least making the majority of your visitors happy.

Another excellent way to bring your visitors back is to encourage participation.  Add a forum to your site to discuss your music.  Add your lyrics. If you are using a blog for your band’s site, make sure they can comment on your posts.

When you take a little time and think about who is visiting your site and checking out your music, you will find that you can gain a lot of knowledge about your visitors and cater to make them happy.  If they are happy….they will make you happy too!

You Fans Deserve A Members Only Section!

You Fans Deserve A Members Only Section!

Sorry for the delay in posting. I’m going to try to get at least one post a week done but sometimes life interfers.

Okay, so you have your site up and running, been posting music to your fans and you are selling advertising off your site. Awesome…you are ready for the next step. Paid subscriptions.

What are paid subscriptions? All it is basically is a section of your site that only paid members can get access to by logging on to their account on your site. People will sign up and pay you a monthly fee to get access to exclusive content that you provide to them.What you need to do to set it up(I won’t go into crazy technical details on how to set things up, but if you need help just email me!):

1. The first thing you need is the content. My suggestion is to do things like record a few practices, video tape some live gigs, record songs available only to members, etc. Anything having to do with your band that you think your members will enjoy. Now, all you have to do is keep adding it to the members only section of your site. I’d say about a few times per month add something new. The main key here is to make sure they get plenty of value for their money. You might think that it’s a lot of work but really it isn’t — just set up a camera at gigs, hit record during a rehearsal…

2. Members Only Section. This gets a little technical in the web department. It’s fairly easy to do. Basically, you just need the following:

Create a login page for your members to use to log in with.

A members only page which will be the page with all the members only content.

Scripts that will do all the background processing to authenticate the members when they log in.

Database to store your members info.

Don’t get scared at this step…it really isn’t that hard. Again, email me if you need a hand! I can steer you in the right direction to learn.

3. A means to get payment. My suggestion is PayPal. It’s easy and a lot of people have an account. Another cool thing is that they have the option to take subscription payments which is exactly what you need. What you do is set up a PayPal subscription payment button so that you are paid automatically from your members. Plus, your members can unsubscribe at anytime quickly and easily.

A couple more things to note:

Keep it cheap. I’d say no more than $5 – $10 per month. It doesn’t sound like a lot but remember, if you have had your site over the year and are drawing a good amount of traffic you get a lot of subscribers. For example, say your site is getting about 5000 unique visitors per month and 1% of those visitors decide to be a subscribed member — that’s 50 subscribers paying $5 per month. There’s $250 per month for the band fund!

It doesn’t need to be web content. You could also give your members discounted access to your shows, discounted merchandise, whatever you want to do. It’s your site!

Good luck!

Other Methods Bands Can Make Money

Other Methods Bands Can Make Money

For a lot of bands there are only a few sources of income from their music:

– CD sales.

– Merchandise such as t-shirts, posters, etc.

– Playing live shows.

However, with a little creativity and effort you can bring a lot more cash in just by making some changes to your website! The key here is to change your way of thinking on how a band makes money — it can be a lot more than these few things! There are a number of ways to increase your band earnings:

Let’s look at one way (there will be more in future posts) — Sell advertising instead of CD’s!

How many bands do you know of that have recorded a CD, got a bunch of copies pressed and then went out there to sell them? Now, how many of those bands sold all their CD’s and have none left over? Probably not too many. I know I’ve got quite a number of CD’s sitting in a closet from bands that I have been in that never sold. Kind of a waste of money in the end to have all those CD’s collecting dust now that the bands are no more.

This day and age mostly everyone online is downloading music. Instead of recording a CD, use your website to release your music for free in a downloadable format like MP3’s. Yes, I am saying FREE — you’ll make the money in other ways as you’ll see! Every month or so, add a new song to your site — I would say that a blog site would work best for this because you could also use the blog to keep your fans updated on band news as well. Keeping them up to date and supplying them with new songs to download and listen to will keep them coming back. This gives you something very valuable — website traffic.

So, say you do this for a year or so and you released 12 songs, one a month, over the year. This is the same as spending a year holed up in your studio writing and recording a CD except that you’ve also built up quite a following online over the year too, especially if you also used the methods described in the previous post! All this website traffic is worth something to advertisers.

Now you have a site that you are updating regularily with fresh written and audio content and it has built up a lot of regular traffic. Now you can sell links off your site from other sites. Say you sell 20 links off your site for $20 per month. There’s $400 per month of steady passive income you didn’t have before! In future posts, I will give you places online where you can find people who are interested in purchasing links.

Now, a lot of people will say, “I can make a hell of a lot more selling CD’s!” Well, there are plently more ways to make more money with your band’s site — we are not done yet! LOL! So stay tuned for more information on how your band can build up a website and then monetize it to buy some crazy gear or whatever else you need for your band!

Using Google To Promote Your Band

Using Google To Promote Your Band

Note: this is a very high level guide — this write up is basically meant to just get you started and give you an idea on what can be done. I could get into a lot more detail on the subjects of search engine marketing and search engine optimization but there are already excellent resources out there on the web. A quick search of “SEO tutorials”, “SEO guide” and similar searches will give you plenty to read and learn from if you want to learn this in greater detail and get the most from it.All you need in order to do this is a website for your band. Don’t have one yet? email me at with the subject “website help”. We can hook you up here with site hosting, design and coding cheap!

Just about everyone on the net knows what Google is and a good percentage of these people use it everyday to find websites that they are interested in – including music sites! Well, common sense will say that the higher you can get your site ranked for certain search terms, the higher amount of traffic you will receive to your site. More visitors = more people checking out your band and music! It’s all about search engine marketing.

So what do we do? We want to do a little research to see what search terms related to your band get searched in Google and then we want to get our site ranking in the search engine results so that when someone searches for that term they find our band’s site. The goal would be to get your band’s site in the top 10, which is the first page, of the search results for your target search term. Once you found your search term to target, make sure it is somewhere in your site — like say the bio, about us page, etc. Just make it a natural part of the site. It should be easy to include some where.

Let’s run through an example:

Let’s say you are in a rock band. First, lets decide on a couple search terms to target for a top 10 ranking. According to Overture (, the term “rock band” gets 14909 searches per month (that’s approximately 500 searches per day). Another one is “rock music” which gets almost 40000 searches per month! That’s 1333 searches a day that if your site ends up in at least the top 10 of these search results, you’ll see a lot of that traffic! Say just 1/10 people that searched for “rock music” clicked your link in the search engine results — there’s an extra 133 people per day checking out your music!

Here’s the problem though — these search results are competitive. You can find out the competitiveness of a key phrase by going to Google and searching for it. The higher number of results found, the harder it will be to get in the top 10. The best thing to remember when deciding on which key phrase to target is to pick one with a large number of searches in Overture (1000+) and a low number of results in Google (less than 1 million). As your site gets older and after you have ranked for low competition phrases you can then go for high competition phrases like “rock music”….it makes it much easier to start off that way.

So you have your band’s website that has all your information on it that you need. What’s next? Well, if it is a brand new site, you need to get it indexed in Google first. I find that the best way to get a site indexed is to get some links to that site so that the search engine spiders find you….go out and get some links. Ask your friends to link to your band’s page from their site, email other related bands for link exchanges, get a MySpace page and link to your site from there, etc. etc. etc. Now once you have gotten some links to your site from others wait a few days and keep checking Google to see if it is indexed. You’ll know you are by going to Google and searching “” — if your site comes up in the results you are in! Woohoo!

Okay, your in Google’s index. Now we need to rank! In order to rank, we need backlinks — links from other sites to your band’s site. From now on you must make it your life’s mission to get more and more links to your site. As you get more and more links, you’ll see your rank creeping up. Just keep going – oh, it could take awhile depending on how competitive the search term is – but it will be worth it in the end! And remember, the more related to your band’s site the links are, the better.

Like I said in the note at the beginning, there is a lot more to it…this is just the very basics, so I don’t want to hear anything from anyone saying “there’s a lot more to it than that!” LOL! I know! You’ll also want to look at things like on-site optimization, etc to get the most out of your work. What I really wanted to do with this post is get you thinking about Google and what it can do for your band. It’s up to you to take it as far as you want! It’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time but it will be very lucrative in the end!

Just to give you an example. I have a country music news site that I have been heavily working on in this aspect. Right now, for the term “country music” which gets over 89000 searches per month it is in position 32! Not quite top 10 yet but getting there! Even at position 32, my traffic is excellent! Oh, here’s a tool to check your rankings to see how you are doing —

Phew, that’s a lot to take in but as you get reading more about it, the more you will learn and understand. If you ever need help though, we do offer search engine marketing services at very reasonable rates — just email us at with the subject ‘SEO Service’ and we can talk about your needs.

Feel free to post any questions in the comments!