Broadway Restaurant and Theater

Food and theater have become the primary entertainment option people look forward to when weekends being. If you are intending to enjoy theater shows coupled with supreme food options, then the Broadway showcase can be the ideal pick for solo engagements or romantic interludes. You can choose to eat before the show, or vice versa. If you seek a mouth-watering cuisine without having to travel much, then you cannot afford to miss out on the Broadway Shows around New York City. You’ll need prior booking to ensure you’ll enjoy both the show and dinner at these 4 places below:

Lattanzi Ristorante

Located on the 46th street, this elegant restaurant offers a family environment for you to enjoy. It has served people since 1984, and if you are looking for a pre-theater meal coupled with state of the art dining rooms, then ensure you do not miss out on this masterpiece. You can enjoy the open garden, bar space, skylight patio, and of course, the theater shows you can rely on. Smoked beef, marinara sauce and chopped seafood are the hallmark of this area. In short, you must rely on this area to enjoy quality food along with the ambience of the Theater District.

Carmine’s Midtown

Located on 44th street along the Seventh Avenue, Carmine’s Midtown offers both private and public seating facilities. You can choose to have the pre-show or post-show dinner. Along with that, you can have your own menu, unlike the fixed type of menu there for the taking. If you are intending for a private seated event, then you can enjoy a capacity of 200 people. If you are planning for a cocktail event, then you can serve up to 250 private guests. Most of the common items on the menu include manicotti, escarole, shrimp scampi and the chicken scarpariello. If you are looking for a Theater District experience of a lifetime, then ensure you do not miss out such a treat there for the taking.


If you are looking for an experienced eatery in the Theater District, then Barbetta has to be the way to go for you. Serving the community since 1906, you can really count on this restaurant to offer the results you are in pursuit of. Candelabras and chandeliers is the way to go for this restaurant, and you must consider this eatery while on a tour of the Theater District. The restaurant offers private party space which you can enjoy with family and friends without having to bother about the surrounding activities.


If you are fond of Roman and Italian food, especially after the theater show, then Scarlatto has to be your primary destination. Located across the Eighth Avenue, coming across this place is no mess, particularly if you are looking to enjoy the theater as well. If you are intending to enhance the theater experience with incredible and tasty food items there for the taking, then you need to check out this amazing restaurant. Some of the common items include Mediterranean mussels, Octopus misto and calamari served with peppers.

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